We don't consider ourselves just roofers; instead we are much, much More!


We acknowledge that your roof is in fact the most important part of your property; it is a dynamic structure that is continuously protecting you and all that you own from the elements. It is for this reason that we feel passionately about helping our clientele to understand that "quick-fixes" and "cheap solutions" are poor practices that only encourage and perpetuate roof problems. They can also be difficult to rectify often resulting in additional and expensive repair work.

 A RoofMedic aims constantly to improve a roof space, holding long term efficiency and material 'health' top priorities.


The usual governing factors within the trade, like time and cost of course play a part in our work, however are not dictating factors that we allow to suprsede our afforementioned goals. In essence, where a roofer may provide what we call a "quick-fix" for some easy cash for minimal labour, we do not; as they always end in tears, or rather, a leak, which can only lead to further works and expenses.


"Quick-Fixes" end in Tears, or rather Leaks!

As RoofMedics we have no interest in scratching our chins and telling you why you must relinquish your fortune to us, all whilst you dont even get to see a single material receipt. Instead of stringing a loose client-contractor relationship together that only serves to perpetuate the understandable fears and concerns of our clientele and a feeling of contempt and mistrust within ourselves we strive constantly to communicate openly, honestly and patiently helping us build genuine and effective dynamics with our clientele; bringing us together as a team.

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