Superior Workmanship at Local Rates,

The Ultimate Roof-Care Service!


Look no further; whether you're an Ex-Pat or a Local looking for a more reliable tradesman, a higher quality of service, but at a fair price, then your search is over. 

With an extensive and well founded experience from across Europe spanning nearly two decades we are able to offer a comprehensive service and superior standards of work that exceed the scope of many Local companies. We try to ensure that our rates are as close to the Local rates as achievable and we take the extra time and care to go that extra mile to maintain traditional aesthetics, ensure the most beautiful finish to our workmanship and the most effective service possible.


RoofMedic was a huge success in the UK and was initially launched and designed to bring a new edge to the roofing industry as part of the consumer market by offering a roof-care service. The Roof was always our top priority and we never priced a job for profit. We allowed concessions and on occasion even worked for free; all whilst giving the roof our very best.

General residential roofing tackles new installation and repair works but has never been associated with or considered as a care service. By protecting traditional aesthetics, using old fashioned tools and traditional craftsmanship we were able to change this understanding and improve it. We became the first high-end roof care service.

Talking to our customers here in Hungary it has become evident that high-end, skilled craftsmanship, a commitment to excellence and a fairly priced service is a rarity. We therefore hope to maintain our values and employ an identical work ethic to that which we had in the UK; knowing that such notions are rare within the industry here.

With Roof Medic you and your roof are in safe hands.