We Actually Care for the Roof?


That's exactly it! We are incredibly passionate about what we do and any of our clients will vouch for us on that point.

Roof Medic is the first company that openly professes to provide a care service to customers' roofs instead of the customers. We aim to tackle problems the same way a doctor or paramedic would; with the health and longevity of the roof the ultimate priority. Tasks are completed carefully and attentively and our work is not dictated to or governed by time and finance, which are of course necessary factors of providing a service, however of lower priority than the well being of the roof.


RoofMedic was launched and designed to bring a new edge to the roofing industry as part of the consumer market. Roofing tackles new installation and repair works but has never been associated with or considered as a care service. We hope to change this understanding and improve it.

With Roof Medic you and your roof are in safe hands.