Custom Welded Leadwork by the RoofMedics


Lead flashings are an important final fitting that ensure roof systems are securely fitted to the adjoinging building structure.

As a specialist with over a decade of experience within the Lead industry and by employing both traditional and modern methods of Lead installation (Welting/Dressing and Burning/Welding)  with a particular care to detail and efficiency we are confident that our Lead work is Rivaled by none.


Straight Custom Welded Lead Flashings

Slate Roof Flashings

Stepped Custom Welded Lead Flashings

Peg and Clay Roof Flashings

Custom Welded Lead Roof Covering

All shapes and sizes Welded to fit.

Lead and Associated Works List

We are able to provide an array of comprehensive Lead Installation and remedial works. We have listed a few below;

All Chimney Flashings

Lead Soakers

Parapet Wall Flashings

All Step Flashings

All Flat Roof Flashings

Velux/Skylight Flashing Replacement/Repair

Complete Flat Roof Coverings

Elevated Roof Coverings

Custom Hoppers/Outlets

Custom Lead Pipes

All Center and Box Valleys

Please see our Gallery more exmaples of our Lead experience, or for any questions please dont hesitate to call.